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Course Offerings

Women’s Studies 1010: Introduction to Women’s Studies

An interdisciplinary approach featuring recent scholarship on women, gender and feminist theory that critically examines assumptions about gender. The readings and assignments reflect women’s experiences with race, class and gender and provide information about women’s psychology, biology, roles, experiences, contributions and history. Prerequisite: Reading proficiency.

History 2100: History of Women in America

An introduction to the study of American women from colonial times to the present. Prerequisite: Reading proficiency.


English 2500: Women in Literature

Women’s voices over the centuries expressed autobiographically and in short stories, plays, and poems.

Prerequisite: EGL 1020 or EGL 1100 or EGL 1320 or EGL


Health 2250: Health Issues for Women

Examines a broad range of health issues that are either unique to women or of special importance to women, including eating disorders, abuse and rape, self-esteem related to appearance and reproductive technology.

Psychology 2100: Psychology of Women

An introductory course focusing on developmental, ecological, psychological and gender issues relevant to women. Prerequisite: PSY 1010.

Sociology 1020: Marriage and Family

Survey of modern marriage and family issues and related socio­logical trends in America. Prerequisite: SOC 1010, PSY 1010 or ANT 1030.

Philosophy 1370: Philosophy and Feminism

A philosophical exploration of the feminist perspective, its founda­tion and its ramifications. Prerequisite: Reading proficiency.