Testing Center at PGCC

Testing Center at PGCC

Bladen Hall, Room 100
Telephone: (301) 546-0090

When you come to the testing center, don't forget to

Bring a single quarter

No dimes, nickels, dollars or pennies

Bring your PGCC photo ID

ID with name and picture

Check our hours

Hours and schedule click me

Call if you have questions

Phone: (301) 546-0090
Make sure you have and KNOW your 7-digit student ID number (Colleague ID).

The Testing Center will be CLOSED ALL DAY on these additional dates

Welcome to the Testing Center

Testing Center front counter

The Testing Center is part of the College's Enrollment Services cluster. We provide placement testing to new Prince George's Community College students and instructional testing to students enrolled in selected disciplines or course formats. The Center also administers competency and challenge examinations, on behalf of certain departments.

The Testing Center is located in Bladen Hall, Room 100 (check the directions to the campus and campus map below it), in a modern testing facility and the Center provides quarter-operated lockers for examinees to secure their books and other personal possessions. Quarters are returned to students when they retrieve their belongings from the lockers. To view the hours of operation and other information on our services, please click on one of the links in the left column of this page.

Photo ID Required for ALL Services

Students taking academic tests (any test or exam required by a course in which a student is enrolled at PGCC) are required to have their PGCC Student ID card, which must be presented to Testing Center staff when checking in. Any student who does not present his/her valid PGCC Student ID card will not be allowed to take any academic tests. We encourage students to obtain a PGCC ID card as soon as possible after they have registered for classes and carry it with them on any PGCC campus.

Prospective students without PGCC ID cards who want to take the placement test should refer to the placement test instructions.

Personal property MUST be secured in lockers

No personal property (including, but not limited to books, notes, purses, bags, phones, pagers, PDAs) is allowed at the testing stations. Lockers are provided for personal belongings. They cost 1 quarter, and will not lock without a quarter. Quarters are returned to students when they retrieve their belongings. All personal possessions must be secured in lockers. Students must have quarters to use the lockers — change is not available from our staff. Change machines are located in vending areas around the campus.

No personal property (including but not limited to books, notes purses, bags, phones, pagers, PDA's) is allowed at the testing stations.

What's my student ID number?

After you applied and paid your application fee, the Admissions office assigned you a student ID number to be used for registration and all tests. You may find this number on your bill, on your schedule, or by logging into your Owl Link account.

No children, no guests

Guests are not permitted in the Testing Center (no spouses, children, parents, siblings or other friends or family). Only examinees and authorized College staff are allowed.

Please review the complete list of rules and restrictions regarding use of the Testing Center. Individuals utilizing Center services are responsible for abiding by these guidelines at all times. Violations of these guidelines and responsibilities may result in loss of Center privileges and denial of future services.

Students in the Testing Center