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Courses offered in the psychology department


Psychology (PSY) 

Psychology Department

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PSY 101 General Psychology. 3 Credits SS  University-parallel introductory course which surveys the field of  psychology, including the study of behavior, cognitive processes,  the concepts of memory, perception and sensation, consciousness,  personality development, psychological disorders, psychotherapy,  and social behavior. Prerequisite: Reading proficiency  level. (Honors version available)


PSY 115 Death and Dying. 3 Credits  Historical and current concepts of death and dying, including  implications of euthanasia and suicide. Prerequisite: Reading  proficiency.


PSY 201 Personality and Adjustment. 3 Credits SS  Theories of personality and personality development, personal  adjustment and mental health. Prerequisite: PSY 101. (Honors  version available)


PSY 203 Child Psychology. 3 Credits SS  Physical, cognitive, social, emotional, and moral development  of the child from conception until adolescence. Prerequisite:  PSY 101.


PSY 204 Adolescent Psychology. 3 Credits SS  Physical, cognitive, social, emotional and moral development of  the adolescent, including discussion of different phases of adolescence.  Prerequisite: PSY 101.


PSY 206 Educational Psychology. 3 Credits  Focus on the processes and theories of learning, individual differences,  measurement, motivation, emotions, and problem solving,  as well as thinking and communication in educational settings.  Prerequisite: PSY 101. For A.A.T. students this course should be  taken with EDU 235.


PSY 207 Human Growth and Development 3 Credits SS  Life-span psychology covers the physical, cognitive, social, emotional,  and moral development of the individual from conception  until death. Prerequisite: PSY 101. (Honors version available.)


PSY 208 Abnormal Psychology. 3 Credits SS  Focus on human behaviors and mental experiences that are  unusual, unreasonable, and distinct from cultural norms.  Appropriate psychotherapeutic interventions as well as changing  views of mental disorders are considered. Prerequisite: PSY 101.  (Honors version available)


PSY 209 The Psychology of Aging. 3 Credits  The biological, psychological, historical and cultural aspects of  aging are presented in a multidisciplinary approach. Diversities  in the aging experience are discussed. Prerequisite: PSY 101.


PSY 210 Psychology of Women. 3 Credits  An introductory course focusing on developmental, ecological,  psychological and gender issues relevant to women. Prerequisite:  PSY 101.


PSY 211 Psychology and African Americans 3 Credits CD  Examines the psychology of African Americans from Afrocentric,  historical, behavioral, developmental, and humanistic perspectives.  Prerequisite: PSY 101.


PSY 212 Drugs and Behavior. 3 Credits  Overview of the use of psychotropic drugs, including abused drugs  as well as those used to treat mental disorders. Topics include legal  and scientific issues relating to psychopharmacology, as well as its  historical context. Treatment, law enforcement, and educational  perspectives are also considered. Prerequisite: PSY 101.


PSY 213 Forensic Psychology. 3 Credits SS  Introduces concepts that unite psychology and the law, and  reviews statutes governing competency, insanity and involuntary  commitment. Students will become acquainted with forensic  assessment techniques, including the interview process, specialized  training, and the collection of collateral information. Also  considered are the assessments of competency to stand trial, criminal  responsibility, and dangerousness. Pre-sentencing and child  custody evaluations are discussed as well. Prerequisite: PSY 101.


PSY 219 Social Psychology. 3 Credits SS  Covers predominant theories and research strategies, focusing  on social cognition, including beliefs, judgments, behaviors and  attitudes; social influence, including conformity, persuasion, and  group influence; and social relations, including the theories and  research on aggression, prejudice, attraction and intimacy, altruism,  conflict, and peacemaking. Prerequisite: PSY 101.


PSY 220 Introduction to Sport and Exercise Psychology 3 Credits  Introduces the principles of psychology as they apply to sport  and exercise, including ethics and problems in research methodology,  motivation, learning, social behavior, performance  enhancement, youth sports, gender issues, leadership and exercise  issues. Multicultural and international views of the field are also  considered. Prerequisite: PSY 101.


PSY 289H Honors Colloquium in Psychology.  Special Topic: Political and Psychological Perspective on  Leadership. 3 Credits  Team-taught by political science and psychology professors, this  colloquium will examine the phenomenon of leadership by focusing  primarily on the scholarship and analysis of several modern  approaches. Leadership theories of Harvard psychologist Howard  Gardner provide the framework for comparing leaders in a variety  of fields. Political scientist James McGregor Burnsís psycho-political  paradigm of transforming leadership will be used to examine  such leaders as Queen Elizabeth I, Gandhi, Franklin and Eleanor  Roosevelt, Martin Luther King, and Mikhail Gorbachev, all major  contributors to political, military, scientific, and cultural aspects  of our society. Prerequisites: Minimum score of 95 of the collegeís  reading placement exam, 3.00 cumulative GPA, and permission of  the instructors or the honors coordinator.


PSY 291-293 Cooperative Education. 1-3 Credits


PSY 298 Industrial and Organizational Psychology. 3 Credits  Organizational development, social and organizational behavior,  and motivation strategies in government and private industries.  Personnel development and training aspects include job analysis  and evaluation as well as performance appraisal. Effective leadership,  management and decision-making styles and stress in the  workplace are also considered. Prerequisite: PSY 101.


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