Student Opportunities

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Many scholarship and college applications like to see experiences like the ones listed below!



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Experiences in Molecular Biology Academic Research Careers (EMBARC)

An summer REU program with the University of Maryland at Baltimore County (UMBC).

Get application from EMBARC website.  DUE: 22 March 2005

See Dr. Sinex (CH-100) for more information.

Go to EMBARC website for information and application - Click Here

CHM 198 Independent Study in Chemistry

A change to get involved with one of the chemistry faculty doing independent student research - see your chemistry instructor!

See Dr. Gross' presentation on what is involved for CHM 198 - click here

Here are two student presentations of their projects:

    Thermodynamic vs. Kinetic Control in the Formation of Competing Semicarbazones

    Caffeine as a Surrogate for Cocaine in an HPLC Forensic Experiment


See Dr. Barrow in CH-210F or the ARD in CH-108 (ask for Biomap application).

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