Exploring the Universe: Laboratory Activities

for PSC 102

Scott A. Sinex

Barbara A. Gage

J. Christopher Hunt

Department of Physical Sciences

Prince George’s Community College


TABLE OF CONTENTS - online version (downloadable pdf files)

Astromath 101: Beginning Mathematics in Astronomy                                

Scaling the Universe                                                                                    

Coordinate Systems: Locating Yourself on a Sphere                                

Coordinate Systems: The Flat Surface Issue...Projections

Navigating the Stars Using the Celestial Sphere

Charting the Heavens Using a Star Chart

Charting the Heavens Using a Virtual Planetarium

Exploring the Geology of Other Worlds

Do It Yourself Eclipses

Where Do Lunar Phases Come From?

A Reason for the Seasons

Determining Solar Altitude Using the Gnomon

Exploring the Relationship between Light Intensity and Distance

Deciphering Stellar Motion

Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star How Astronomers Know What You Are

Spectroscopy in Motion: A Way to Measure Velocity

Stars and the Interstellar Medium

In Far Off Distant Galaxies: Classification by Shape

The Expanding Universe

Night Sky Observations

Websites of Interest in Astronomy (the links in this pdf document are hot, you can click on them and go to the sites directly) rev. 8/2001


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