Investigating the Gaseous State of Matter:

Macroscopic, Microscopic, and Symbolic Aspects


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You will need to open the interactive Excel file to use as you work through the handout.  This spreadsheet requires the Analysis ToolPak to be loaded.  See the last tab for instructions.  We are assuming you have completed the laboratory activity.  Never used an interactive Excel spreadsheet before - click here for some pointers (9 Mb movie with audio)!

The Behavior of Gases (laboratory activity) The Ideal Gas Law Handout

Four animations will be referred to in the handout.  They will each open in a new window.

animation #1
animation #2
Argon at two different temperatures
animation #3
Molecules at constant temperature
animation #4
H2 and SF6 at same temperatures

The Flash animations (#1, 2, and 4) in this activity were produced in Odyssey (Instructor version 1.05, 2004), a computationally-based simulation package from Wavefunction, Inc.  Animation #3 is a Java applet produced in NetLogo (version 2.1.0, 2004).

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