Exploring the Chemical World:  CHM 101 Laboratory and Classroom Activities Manual

Barbara A. Gage

Scott A. Sinex

Department of Physical Sciences and Engineering

Patricia A. Basili

Department of Education

Prince George's Community College


TABLE OF CONTENTS - online version (downloadable pdf files)

Notes to the Students

Laboratory Protocol and Safety

Measurements, Conversions, and Manipulations    

An Exploration of Surface Area, Volume, and Graphing

Observing and Describing Matter

Kinds of Matter

Separations I: Basic Techniques

Performance Task #1: Measurement and Designing a Method of Separation

    Designing a Separation Method:  An Example for Performance Task #1 - click here

An Investigation of Chemical Reactions I

Moles, Molecules, Formulas

An Investigation of Chemical Reactions II

Performance Task #2: Determining the Composition of a Hydrate and Graphing

The Ins and Outs of Energy in Systems

Spectroscopy: A Key to Chemical Identity

Discovering Periodic Trends: A Graphical Approach (activity)   Excel data file needed

It's All in the Shape: Covalent Bonding and Molecular Geometry

The Behavior of Gases

    Investigating the Gaseous State of Matter - chick here

Uncovering Properties of Liquids and Solids

Investigating Solutions

Performance Task #3: Solutions and Light

Exploring Acids and Bases

Performance Task #4: Analysis of Solutions

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