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PHILOSOPHY 101. Introduction to Philosophy
The Art of Questioning.*                              3 credits

Asking and answering the basic and meaningful questions of life and clarifying ones thinking in relation to self, others, laws, nature, and God. 
Prerequisite: Reading proficiency level.

PHILOSOPHY 109. Practical Logic: 
An Introduction.                                          3 Credits

The elements of logic; how to translate ordinary language into logical form and craft valid arguments.
Prerequisite Reading proficiency level.

Critical Reasoning: Logic in the English Language 
3 Credits

This course is a critical reasoning/informal logic course designed to teach students to evaluate logical arguments in daily life and conversation. Students will learn to recognize arguments, the difference between deductive and inductive reasoning, and to recognize and identify informal fallacies. A large part of the course will be devoted to the logic of induction, including the role it plays in probability theory, statistical methods of reasoning, and marking off the difference between science and superstition. Students will also learn the role of inductive logic and analogy in legal and moral reasoning, as well as in discovering causal connections.

Prerequisite: Reading proficiency level.

Philosophy in America                                3 credits
Examines the words and deeds that have shaped the American Dream and that have spoken to affluence and poverty.

Prerequisite: Reading proficiency level.

Law and Values                                            3 credits

Analysis of today's social, political, and economic issues from the viewpoint of representative philosophers from Plato to the moderns.
Prerequisite: Reading proficiency level.

Eastern Philosophy                                       3 credits
Eastern philosophical and religious thoughts and their influence on relationships between East and West.

Philosophic Ideas in Imaginative Literature   3 credits
Philosophic ideas in creative writings from Shakespeare to Sartre and from Job to Tolstoy.
Prerequisite: Reading proficiency level.

Philosophy Looks at Love                                3 credits

Exploration of philosophical writings on the meaning of love, from biblical times to present.
Prerequisite: Reading proficiency level.

Thinking About Religion                                   3 credits 

Philosophical foundations of religious thought and the response of humanity to religious claims.

Prerequisites: Reading proficiency level.

Ethics*                           3 credits 

Individual and collective human values: ideas of moral philosophers and clarifying attitudes toward contemporary moral problems.
Prerequisite: Reading proficiency level.

Ethics: Biomedical Ethics                        3 credits

Ethical issues in  biomedical research and  the treatment of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual illnesses.
Prerequisite: Reading proficiency level.

Philosophy of Feminism                             3 credits
An exploration of  how women have been considered in philosophy: both as the subject of investigation and as the investigators.  

Prerequisite: Reading level proficiency

PHILOSOPHY 140: Introduction to Business Ethics
 3 credits

Examination of ethical issues of the business world, including health on the job, consumerism, ecology, and advertising.
Prerequisite: Reading proficiency level.

PHL 222: Metaphysics
 3 Credits
Exploration of the basic criteria for determining what is real; the sensible vs. the supersensible; the tangible vs. the nonphysical; the concrete vs. the abstract.
Prerequisite:Reading proficiency level.


*An Honors version of this course may also be offered. Honors courses have different prerequisites and requirements than the regular versions. Check the Honors Program for current listings.






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