OnlineExpress Faculty Application
For Developing an Online Course

To be delivered one semester prior to the semester in which the instructor will be teaching online.

          1. Name ______________________________________ Phone Extension ____________

          2. Course title

          3. Department, Division

          4. Applying for ____ 6 ECH Online Course Training and Development

                                      ____ 3 ECH Online Course Development (already participated in Online Express)

                                      ____ 3 ECH Online Shared Course (more than one developer)

                                      ____ 3 ECH Tele/Web (combine telecourse with web component)

          5. Project Description

                    Please describe the course that will be adapted to online methodology. Include:

                    Why is this course suitable to be adapted to online methodology?

                    How does this course contribute to an online degree or certificate program?

                    What kinds of help do you anticipate you will need?

          6. Background and experience

          Do you have experience/training in using non-traditional formats for course delivery?

                    Do you have access to

                    ___ Front Page in your office

                    ___ Front Page at home

                    ___ Internet Service Provider at home

          Submitted by: ____________________________________________________ Date: ____________

          Department Chair: _______________________________________________ Date: ____________

          Dean: ____________________________________________________________ Date: ____________

Forward completed application to Dr. Zdravkovich one semester before the online course is scheduled to be taught.

          ____ Approved for the semester following the completion of this training

          ____ Approved but deferred until ____________________________________

          ____ Not approved

          Vice President for Instruction: _____________________________________ Date: _____________