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The Second Edition - Saturday, April 10th

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Tournament Rules:

  1. This competition is a team competition, unlike AMATYC’s Student Mathematics League which is an individual competition.  Members of the team will work together to solve problems. Each team must consist of at least three and at most four participants. Each college campus may have up to three teams (i.e. 12 students.)  Each participating college must have at least one faculty sponsor to accompany the team(s).
  2. Participants must be currently enrolled in courses at their respective colleges and have never been enrolled in a math course above the college sophomore level.  High school students who are enrolled as college students are not eligible.
  3. The competition will consist of two rounds.  Each round will consist of five problems from the topics of college algebra, number theory, logic, trigonometry and geometry, and probability and statistics.
  4. Each team will be provided one TI-83/84 calculator, pencils, and scratch paper.  Participants may not use their own calculators.
  5. Participants will work as teams to produce one solution. The team will submit the answer only.  There will be no “show work” problem or partial credit given for shown work.  The maximum time allowed to solve one problem will be ten minutes.  Answers will be scored in the following way:
    1. Correct answer submitted within 0 to 5 minutes:  3 points
    2. Correct answer submitted within 5 to 8 minutes:  2 points
    3. Correct answer submitted within 8 to 10 minutes:  1 point
  6. Solutions will be submitted to a proctor.  One proctor will be responsible for at most three teams during the competition.  Each proctor will record the time the solution was submitted before submitting the problem to the jury for scoring.  Participants will not submit solutions directly to the jury but to the proctor.
  7. First, second, and third place will be awarded to the teams with the largest totals of points after the two rounds.
A tie breaker will be held in the event that the total points for the top three score are not distinct. A tie breaker question will be administered. The first team to submit a correct answer within 3 minutes will win the tie breaker round.  If needed, this will be repeated until the tie is broken.


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