Mathematics Department

MAT 2500 - Mathematics of Discrete Structures
3 credit hours

MAT 2500 is for computer science majors. Topics include: sets, statements, algorithms, logic and proofs, relations, functions, induction, graphs, combinatorics, probability, matrix algebra. Replaces MAT 250.
Prerequisite: MAT 126 or MAT 2410 [formerly MAT 241] with a “C” or higher. Also needed: a working knowledge of one of the following programming languages; Pascal, BASIC, or C++. You will be required to work on computer production teams throughout the course. Your team will implement discrete ideas and techniques using the C++ computer language.


Discrete Mathematics with Applications

S. Epp. Discrete Mathematics with Applications, 3rd edition.
Cengage Learning/Brooks and Cole. 2004.

PGCC Bookstore ISBN-10: 0534359450 or ISBN-13: 9780534359454

Upon successful completion of the course, each student should be able to:

1. Demonstrate the ability to construct and interpret predicate logic statements.
2. Construct and test the validity of logical arguments.
3. Demonstrate the ability to perform proofs of mathematical theorems by construction, contradiction, and induction.
4. Apply the appropriate techniques to count sets.
5. Construct graphs containing paths and circuits.
6. Construct spanning trees using appropriate algorithms.

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