Mathematics Department

MAT 2210 - Statistics
3 credit hours

MAT 221 is an introduction to statistical concepts and applications, including probability, random variables, sampling, hypothesis testing, regression, ANOVA . EXCEL will be used throughout the course. Replaces MAT 221.
: MAT 1350 [formerly MAT 135]. 3 class/1rec hr. Student must have graphing calculator.


Introduction to Business Statistics (with CD-ROM)

Sharpe, De Veaux, & Velleman. Business Statistics: A First Course, 1st Edition
Pearson/Addison Wesley, 2011

PGCC Bookstore: Cloth with MyStat Lab Access: ISBN-10: 032150609X
Publisher: Clothbound w/CD Rom: ISBN-10: 0321426592
e-Textbook ( ISBN-10: 0321571371
A La Carte (Unbound) ISBN-10: 0321655990
Same content, different format

Or go
(purchase MyMathLab access code & eText available)

Upon successful completion of the course, each student should be able to:

1. Produce histograms, scatter plots, box plots and analyze information contained in them.
2. Compute and interpret information contained in statistical measures.
3. Compute probabilities of random variables using basic rules of probability.
4. Compute probabilities of random variables using the normal, student, and binomial probability distributions.
5. Compute confidence interval estimates for common statistical measures.
6. Use statistical testing procedures to perform hypotheses tests.
7. Compute linear regressions and correlation coefficients using data taken from various sources.
8. Compute and use analysis of variance (ANOVA) measures to conduct hypothesis tests.

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