Mathematics Department

MAT 1190 - Probability
3 credit hours

MAT 1190 includes probability and an introduction to statistics. It may be used as math elective for non-technical majors. Prerequisite: Math placement score or a grade of “C” or higher in MAT 1040 or MAT 1120 [formerly MAT 104 and MAT 112].


Soo T. Tan. MATH 111 Introduction to Probability. Cengage Learning, 2009.

PGCC Bookstore ISBN-10:0495214442

  Excerpt from the following book:
Soo T. Tan. ACP Finite Mathematics for the Managerial Life & Social Sciences.
Cengage Learning, 2009.

Upon successful completion of the course, each student should be able to:

1. Understand the basic language of sets and perform elementary set operations.
2. Construct and interpret Venn diagrams.
3. Solve elementary counting problems using the fundamental principle of counting.
4. Understand the difference between permutations and combinations and solve basic counting problems involving them.
5. Draw tree diagrams and be able to interpret them correctly.
6. Use the notion of conditional probability to solve probability problems via the definition, tree diagrams and/or Bayes' Theorem.
7. Understand and use elementary probability distributions to solve probability problems.
8. Understand and use appropriate applications of the binomial distribution.
9. Expand an expression of the form (ax + by) n using the Binomial Theorem.
10. Understand appropriate uses of the normal distribution and use the table of values of the normal distribution.

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