Mathematics Department

MAT 1130 - Mathematics for the Liberal Arts
3 credit hours

MAT 1130 is a survey of modern mathematics and applications, historical perspective, and calculator/computer applications with emphasis on the Liberal Arts. Topics include: sets, probability and statistics, systems of numeration, modern algebraic structures and modern geometries. Topics may vary with instructor. Student must have a graphing calculator. The objective of the course is to provide an overview of mathematics and its applications in such a way that students gain an appreciation of its current value and past contributions to the Liberal Arts.
: Math placement score or a grade of “C” or higher in MAT 101, MAT 102, MAT 104, or MAT 1040.


Book Cover

Bello and Britton. Topics in Contemporary Mathematics, 9th edition.
Boston, MA: Houghton Mifflin Company, 2008.

Bookstore ISBN-10: 061898156X or ISBN-13: 9780618981564
Publisher Book ISBN-10: 0618775242 or ISBN-13: 9780618775248
Publisher eBook ISBN-10: 0495712353 or ISBN-13: 9780495712350

Upon successful completion of the course, each student should be able to:

1. Correctly use sets, counting principles and probability in applied problems.
2. Correctly use descriptive statistics and recognize deceptive statistics.
3. Compare and contrast ancient and modern geometries.
4. Apply geometry to other fields, such as art.
5. Solve applied problems in mathematics of finance.
6. Apply matrix methods to solve real-world problems.

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