Mathematics Department

MAT 1120 - Finite Mathematics
3 credit hours

MAT 1120 provides a general overview of college-level mathematics with emphasis on applications to various fields. It includes the use of functions, probability, statistics, graphing, and computer techniques in problem-solving.
: Math placement score or MAT 104 or MAT 1040or “P” grade in DVM 008.


Lial, Hungerford, and Holcomb, Finite Mathematics: with Applications, 10th Edition
Pearson, 2011

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Upon successful completion of the course, each student should be able to use symbolic, numerical, and visual skills to find and verify solutions of algebra problems and algebra applications (of intermediate-level difficulty) in the following areas:

1. Solve problems involving simple and compound interest, annuities, and amortization.
2. Use matrices to solve systems of equations.
3. Solve a two variable linear programming problem graphically.
4. Apply basic concepts of set theory to practical problems.
5. Apply basic concepts of probability, including Bays theorem to practical problems (including Genetics application).
6. Use linear models to solve economics application.
7. Use graphical and statistical methods to analyze and interpret the data.
8. Analyze and interpret the relation between two variables and find the best-fit line and correlation coefficient.
9. Differentiate between an exponential function and a linear function.

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