Mathematics Department

MAT 1050 - Elements of Mathematics
4 credit hours

MAT 1050 is designed for students preparing to teach at the preschool and elementary level. Overview of mathematical systems includes sets, natural numbers, integers, rational and irrational number, algorithms, and computational methods.
Prerequisites: Math placement score or a grade of “C” or higher in MAT 104 or MAT 1040.


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Long, DeTemple and Millman. Mathematical Reasoning for Elementary Teachers,
5th Edition. Pearson, 2009

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eTextbook ( ISBN-10: 0321546830
A La Carte (Unbound) ISBN-10: 0321571061

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Upon successful completion of the course, each student should be able to:

1: Use appropriate strategies to solve problems.
2: Demonstrate computational skills in the rational number system with and without a calculator.
3: Demonstrate understanding of mathematical ideas and operations with pictures, manipulatives and concrete models.
4: Discuss various historical numeration systems with respect to such characteristics as place value, zero, and base for decimal and non-decimal systems.
5: Use a selection of standard and non-standard arithmetic algorithms, including estimation and mental computation, and be able to apply them to whole numbers, decimal and non-decimal number systems.       
6: Identify and apply the associative, commutative and distributive properties and the properties of closure, identity and inverse for whole, rational and real numbers.
7: Demonstrate knowledge and procedures of number theory.
8: Use representations and the language of mathematics to express mathematical functions verbally, graphically, and symbolically.
9: Illustrate the relationship between the sets of natural numbers, whole numbers, integers, and rational numbers.
10: Use relationships between numbers to solve problems using ratio, proportions, and percents.
11: Communicate effectively about mathematics.
12: Use technology appropriately to enhance the learning of mathematics.

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