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Global Cafe, Fall 2009

An International Celebration of Cultures!

Monday, November 2, 11 - 1:30 in the Community Rooms A, B & C, Largo Student Center 

Tuesday, November 3, 5 - 7 PM in the Largo Student Lounge

Cultural Food                       Cultural Tables                  Cultural Music

Sign up in College Life Services to help with your country’s table. Bring food, clothing, pictures, map and music to teach others about your culture.

We need volunteers to participate in all aspects.

You can participate in the following ways:
A. Attend in cultural clothing
B. Bring and serve food
C. Sing and dance
D. Bring and explain crafts, articles, pictures or maps

If you can participate, please fill in the form at the International EducationCenter, Lanham Hall 221. Also, if you would like to cook traditional food to share with your fellow students, be sure to save all the grocery receipts. You can turn them in for reimbursement at the Office of College Life Services.

Or just come to enjoy the event!