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Location: Bladen Hall, room 126

Hours: Monday-Thursday 8:30 a.m. - 8:00 p.m., Friday 8:30 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Phone Number: (301) 322-0801


Website: Admissions



All applicants to the college shall:

  • Complete, sign and submit an Application for Admission to the Admissions and Records Office. The application is valid for one year from the date of submission.

  • Submit an official high school transcript or GED (General Education Diploma) score report if under the age of 21. Persons under 18 who are not high school graduates must provide a letter from the appropriate educational authority verifying permanent withdrawal from the school system. NOTE: Applicants seeking entry into any health technology curriculum must provide a complete transcript, or a copy of the high school diploma or GED.

  • Take the college's placement tests
  • Permanent resident applicants are official U.S. residents but not US citizens. Such applicants must:

  • submit proof of status to the Admissions and Records Office at the time of application. Such proof would include an alien registration card, a valid visa, or a permanent resident card.

  • follow the procedures in place for all other applicants. 3. arrange for English proficiency testing through the college's Testing Center, if the native language is other than US English, and follow the course placement recommendations.


    International applicants are those asking to attend the college under an F-1 visa. Such applicants must:

  • apply for admission as degree-seeking students using the special application form for F-1 students.

  • submit the application along with all previous school documents (transcripts), financial certification forms, and results of the Michigan Test or the TOEFL (Test of English as a Second Language) by May 1 for fall, by October 1 for spring, and by February 1 for summer school. NOTE: Applications cannot be accepted from anyone other than the applicant. The application for admission must be completed, signed and returned directly to the college by the applicant in person, through the US postal system, or by independent courier service (UPS, Federal Express, DHL, etc.) from the applicant’s current address, without third-party intervention. Sponsors, relatives, friends, etc., cannot submit the application on the student’s behalf.

  • achieve a minimum equated score of 55 or better on the Michigan Test (or 450 or better on the written TOEFL, 133 or better on the computer-based TOEFL). Applicants admitted on the basis of TOEFL scores are required to take the Michigan Test for course placement prior to registration. Students must achieve an equated score on the Michigan Test of 91 or better and achieve an acceptable evaluation of the writing sample or they will be required to enroll in English as a Second Language (ESL) courses.

  • F-1 students who wish to have money sent directly to the college for payment of tuition and fees are limited to a per semester amount of $3,700. (Checks with a total amount higher than this will not be accepted.) Any refund due the student will be issued in accordance with the refund timelines in effect for that semester.

    It should be noted that each F-1 student admitted to Prince George's Community College will receive a Letter of Admission. The letter will indicate the date by which the student is to report to the college and be tested. Students who do not abide by the listed dates will be denied admission/ registration. NOTE: Acceptance of the I-20 form from the college to use for the receipt of an F-1 visa precludes any residency classification other than “out-of-state” for tuition purposes.



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