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Hi, and welcome to issue two of the Instructional Forum for academic year 2004-2005.

The theme for this issue is “critical thinking.” This is the college’s theme for this academic year, and we have sat in many meetings and workshops discussing the need to infuse our courses with “critical thinking” content: to get our students to “think critically.” The workshops that I have attended and the discussions that I have had with colleagues have been interesting and informative, but the real questions are: “Are we building critical thinking into our course curricula?” “What are we doing to teach critical thinking?”

For this issue, I have solicited articles from the instructional community that share experiences and techniques for the practical application of teaching critical thinking. Of course, you will also find articles on other issues that impact the instructional community.

So, fix your favorite hot beverage, pull up to the fireplace to warm your toes, and enjoy the articles! If you have any ideas for themes for upcoming issues of the Instructional Forum, send me an e-mail at

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The Instructional Area Newsletter, Volume 20, No. 2 

Spring 2005