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by Angela Rabatin, Chair, Ethics Committee

Ethics officer(s) from the Office of General Counsel, Ethics and Administration, in the U. S. Agency for International Development have established an innovative ethics program with a global reach. "The program is based on cultural values. It draws from participants' own value systems and their perceptions of the values of their colleagues, superiors, and the overall organization. The key is in helping employees to understand what is 'right,' using the values they share with the institution. The training session is interactive, and designed to facilitate discussions within small work-unit groups as to their shared values."

This program is very much in keeping with the college ethics committee's approach of integrity or (value)-based ethics, rather than compliance-based or imposed ethics. Angela Rabatin and Linda Stabile attended, as invited guests, a USAID workshop in West Virginia last year, and found it on-point and productive. The program also furthers our goal of raising awareness of the role of ethics in decision-making, providing tools to assist in ethical-decision making, and making the work a collective–even grassroots–effort with various constituencies of the college.

The Ethics Committee, chaired by Dr. Rabatin, under the auspices of Dr. Charlene Dukes, organized and hosted the workshop presented on March 6. President Ronald Williams, the Ethics Committee, and the Strategic Planning Council, composed of a representative sample of college constituencies, attended the workshop, which is designed for small workgroups of about thirty to forty participants. We were honored to have USAID ethics officers and attorneys, Arnold Haiman and James Peters, visit the campus to conduct this workshop.


The Instructional Area Newsletter, Volume 18, No. 3

Spring 2003