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by Bill Peirce, Coordinator of Reasoning Across the Curriculum

(RAC duties for the last few years have become outcomes assessment duties.)

Check out these assessment resources!

Internet Resources for Higher Education Outcomes Assessment
A 42-page list of websites devoted to assessment: organizations and individual colleges

Howard Community College Learning Outcomes Assessment
Individual departments' course assessment projects and contact persons

Check out this teaching resource!

The RAC Web site

The RAC Web site is shared with the Maryland Community College Consortium for Teaching Reasoning. When you reach the Web site, click on "Documents from Prince George's Community College."  The site contains articles, workshop handouts, lists of books on teaching thinking (including publishers' URLs and telephone numbers), links to other Web sites on teaching thinking, URLs for students writing argumentative papers, and more.


The Instructional Area Newsletter, Volume 17, No. 4

Spring 2002