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by Marilynn Thomas, Editor of the Instructional Forum

This is the seventeenth year of publication for the Instructional Forum, and it takes more than news to make a newsletter. It takes good words written by good writers.  In appreciation, the Instructional Forum takes this space to thank the following writers who contributed their good words to Volume 17.

Vera Bagley (Admissions/Records), Patricia Basili (Education), Faith Breen (Business and Management), Yvonne Brinkley (Adjunct Liaison), Marlene Cohen (CAC), Patricia Cunniff (Dean of SMHT), Melinda Frederick (Honors Program/Honors Academy), Bill Gerson (Faculty Senate), Robin Hailstorks (Psychology), Tracey Harris (Enrollment Services), Christopher Hunt (SAC), Alicia Juarrero (Philosophy), Leela Kapai (English), Thomas Mays (Disability Support Services), Bill Peirce (RAC), Marilyn Pugh (CARD), Esther Robbins (Language Studies), Linda Smith (Allied Health), Troy Smith (Forensic Science), Peter Speier (Educational Development), Mary Stevenson (WAC), Elizabeth Holden-Wagenheim (Language Studies), Ronald Williams (President), Robert (Woody) Woodruff (English), Vera Zdravkovich (Instruction).

Special thanks to the production staff consisting of Kent Hunter (Duplicating), Carol Cassles (Instructional Technology), Charles Hansborough and Verna Teasdale (Instruction) and Sue Gillett, Marie Allman, and Cassandra Taylor (Instruction Staff), a big thanks for their prompt, professional, and always pleasant service.


The Instructional Area Newsletter, Volume 17, No. 4

Spring 2002