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Greetings, and welcome to the final issue of the Instructional Forum for academic year 2003-2004.

The theme for this issue is “distance learning.” Why? Well, it is a personal favorite of mine, as I have been teaching online for several years. But, during this past winter break I took a five-week intensive workshop on learning how to teach online that has changed my view and philosophy of online learning. The workshop focused more on pedagogy than on the technology, and this focus has been revolutionary for me. Now, instead of viewing distance education as a glorified correspondence course, I see it as a potentially rich learning experience – for both me and my students.

So, since I have had this epiphany, I thought it would be beneficial to glean the experiences and insights of those of you who teach online, as well as those of you who use technology to complement and supplement your face-to-face classes. For those of you who do not or have not yet delved into the online teaching experience, go for it. It is a rich, rewarding, and challenging experience.

Enjoy the articles, and have a great summer!

Bob Goldberg











The Instructional Area Newsletter, Volume 19, No. 3

Spring 2004