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by Michael Gavin, Assistant Professor, English

Departments can use the course assessment process to foster critical thought in the classroom. Setting course outcomes that require high-level critical thought is one of the obvious ways in which assessment and critical thought can be made to intersect. Moreover, based on their assessment results, some departments have already decided to revise course outcomes to emphasize critical thought. In short, assessment is one of the ways in which faculty may become cognizant not only of where more critical thought is necessary, but of how to introduce and enhance it in courses, as well.

Many departments have also found that they have no need to change the course outcomes, content, or pedagogy because the outcomes that were set are being reached, and the critical thought manifest in those courses is satisfactory for the discipline. All of the above are valuable insights for departments working to foster and maintain high levels of critical thought.

Should your department desire assistance in developing a plan for course assessment, or further information on the process itself, please contact Mike Gavin at extension 0588 or Also, please do not hesitate to contact me with suggestions on how to improve the process here at Prince George's Community College.


The Instructional Area Newsletter, Volume 19, No. 2

Spring 2004