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Welcome to this edition of the Instructional Forum!

While it has been a strange semester so far, with a number of school closings due to inclement weather and the subsequent challenges to adjust class schedules, I am grateful to those who found the time to collect their thoughts and contribute articles. I am sure you will find this issue to be interesting, informative, and timely.

I would like to draw particular attention to a collection of thematically related articles, which treat the subject of what to do on the first day of class. We have some wonderfully ingenious and inventive faculty. Have you ever walked into a class on the first day, dumbfounded as to how to engage your students? Well, read these articles and get some great tips and techniques.

This issue also has some excellent articles that highlight some of the many and varied activities taking place on campus even as you read this issue. Are you looking for something to do to celebrate Brown vs. Board of Education? Check out the articles in this issue.

Enjoy the articles. If you have an idea for an article that you would like to submit, or if you have a theme idea for an issue of the Instructional Forum, drop me a line at .

Your editor,

Bob Goldberg


The Instructional Area Newsletter, Volume 19, No. 2

Spring 2004