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by Verna Teasdale, Academic Assistant to the Vice President for Instruction

As most of you know, for over a year the college has been engaged in an intensive self-study in part to fulfill a Middle States requirement to obtain a reaffirmation of accreditation; and, in part to provide a foundation for the college’s next five-year strategic plan.  Thank you to all who have provided information, gathered information, and prepared reports. 

A draft of the college’s self-study report was presented to the President’s Cabinet on October 27, to the Board of Trustees on November 4, and sent to Dr. David Conklin, chair of the Evaluation Team.  Several copies of the draft are on reserve in the library. Please take time to review the report. You will want to be familiar with it, and you still have time to comment before the final draft is prepared. 


Thursday and Friday, December 2 and 3, 2004 – Dr. David Conklin, chair of the Middle States Evaluation Team, will be on campus for a preliminary visit. He will meet with the president and the Self-Study Committee to make plans for the Evaluation Team’s visit in March. Dr. Conklin also will want to talk with faculty and students. With few exceptions, all administrators, faculty, and staff need to be readily available during Dr. Conklin’s visit.

Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, March 14-16, 2005 – The eleven-member Middle States Evaluation Team will be on campus. During their visit, all administrators, faculty, and staff must be available. The Team will move around the campus examining and asking questions. They will need our total support in getting any information that they want, and they are entitled to our very best hospitality. This will be our opportunity to demonstrate what an outstanding, though not perfect, community college we are. We all have the responsibility to make these visitors welcome. Please discuss their visit with your students. Students need to understand the importance of making a good impression.

The following are the names of the Self-Study Evaluation Team, their positions, and their colleges.




David Conklin, chair, Evaluation Team


Dutchess Community College

Walter J. Asonevich

Vice President, Dean of Academic Affairs

Corning Community College

Jane E. Brown

Former Associate Dean, Health Science Programs

Luzerne County Community College

Abegail Douglas-Johnson

Vice President, Academic Affairs

Hudson County Community College

James Fein

Dir., Gettysburg Campus Library

Harrisburg Area Community College

Louis Goetting


Brookdale Community College

Ida Greidanus

Professor, Science Department

Passaic County Community College

Timothy Judd

Vice President for Student Affairs

Rockland Community College

Nathan Himelstein

Professor, Business Administration

Essex County College

Roseanne S. Hofmann

Professor, Mathematics

Montgomery County Comm. College

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The Instructional Area Newsletter, Volume 20, No. 1 

Fall 2004