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by Alan Mickelson, Director, Center for Faculty Professional Development

Prince George’s Community College appreciates the crucial role of faculty members in successfully fulfilling the mission of the college. To encourage and support faculty members in their professional and intellectual development, many activities are included in the Professional Development Program. One initiative is the Pathfinder Grant Program. Both full-time and adjunct faculty members may apply for a grant of up to $500.00. This program is administered by the vice president for Instruction through the Center for Faculty Professional Development. 

The Pathfinder Grant Program seeks to stimulate the individual faculty member's intellectual and professional development by funding proposals for activities and/or resources which the college does not otherwise currently provide. General areas of professional development include:

Ø      Pedagogy (teaching/learning methods)

Ø      Content (material specific to a discipline)

Ø      Outreach (working with outside institutions, organizations or professionals)

Ø      Technology (for training, use, or purchase of equipment or software. N.B.: funding for technology must apply to one of the above three areas or a combination thereof.)

Among other activities, Pathfinder Grants have been awarded in the past for faculty to:

Ø      Conduct original research projects or other innovative activities

Ø      Attend or present at conferences, or undergo training

Ø      Attend workshops on technology or teaching/learning methods

For further information and an application, go to

Please contact Alan Mickelson, the director of the Center for Faculty Professional Development, for model applications or for further examples of projects funded.

The Pathfinder Grant applications for this fall were submitted October 8, 2004. This spring 2005, applications may be submitted to the Instruction Office in Kent Hall, room 124, by close of business on Friday, February 25, 2005.

The following is a list of the faculty members who received a Pathfinder Grant during the summer of 2004:

Muriel H. Adams, Allied Health
Project: 2004 International Federation of Health Records Organization National Convention and Exhibit

Christine Planchak, Mathematics
Project: Illuminating mathematics from a Distance

Sanghamitra Baral, Forensic Science
Project: Advanced HPLC Short Course (training)

Robert Spear, Computer Information Systems
Project: Presentation to MERLOT International Conference

Abby Bardi, English
Project: Conference: Transformations in Romani/Gypsy Society

Leslie Wojciechowicz, Mathematics
Project: Illuminating Mathematics from a Distance

William D. Lauffer, Engineering Technology
Project: Presentation at International History of Science Society Meeting



In 2002, Vera Zdravkovich, vice president for Instruction, inaugurated the annual Grant Award for Outstanding Scholarship at the recommendation of Chris Hunt, the coordinator of Scholarship across the Curriculum. Alicia Juarrero, professor of Philosophy, was the first recipient for her work in chaos theory. Although the grant was not awarded in 2003, this fall members of the college were urged to apply.

This annual $2000 grant award is given to one individual to financially support the continuation of the awardee’s scholarly work. The award is open to all full-time faculty, administrators, and staff who have worked at least one year at the college. The person or persons who are nominating a candidate for the award submit a letter of nomination and supporting information to the office of the vice president for Instruction. Self-nominations are also acceptable. The letter of nomination should include a description of expected outcomes of the scholarly work.

The Internal Grants Committee, within the Center for Faculty Professional Development, then reviews and recommends a recipient for the grant.

After reviewing the recommendations and letter of nomination, the vice president for Instruction selects the recipient.

For more detailed information, please contact Alan Mickelson, director of the Center for Faculty Professional Development, at or on extension 0464.


The Instructional Area Newsletter, Volume 20, No. 1 

Fall 2004