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by Donald Flage, Professor, Mathematics and Engineering

Teaching a full-semester load at PGCC at University Town Center in Hyattsville has both pros and cons. Some disadvantages an instructor may experience are a sense of isolation due to lack of interaction with one’s departmental peers, not having the assistance of academic support staff, being confined to teaching lower level courses, having to share restroom facilities with the public, and not having a school library on site.

However, teaching at this center has several advantages. The Hyattsville site offers a very diverse student body permitting bilingual instructors a chance to use their second language. Personally, I enjoy using my Spanish language skills during tutoring as well as in the classroom, but our students speak many other languages. In addition, the large proportion of international students seems to have resulted in less disruptive behavior in the halls outside my classroom than I experience on the third floor of Marlboro Hall of the main campus.

Furthermore, the Hyattsville Public Library is located on the same block as the extension center and so is easily accessible. Another advantage I appreciate each day is the modern equipment available to me not only in my classroom, but in my office and in the faculty lounge, as well.  Over all, while I greatly miss teaching upper level courses and engineering, I have found my experience teaching at this center a very rewarding one. Perhaps other full-time faculty might enjoy occasionally teaching a full semester load here at Hyattsville.


The Instructional Area Newsletter, Volume 20, No. 1 

Fall 2004