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Scholarship Across the Curriculum

by Christopher Hunt, Coordinator of Scholarship Across the Curriculum

Scholarship Across the Curriculum (SAC) is a new initiative founded in the fall of 2001. It is an outgrowth of a faculty work group convened in spring of 2001 by Dr. Vera Zdravkovich, vice president for Instruction, to come up with recommendations on how to promote the original faculty research and scholarship already ongoing here on PGCC's campus, as well as to encourage further such work.

I am honored to have been asked to be the coordinator of this important initiative. Already, several of the recommendations made by the faculty work group are being realized, including the organizing of a lecture series featuring original research done by PGCC faculty. Information on this, as well as other SAC activities, can be found at the SAC Web site, (Please note that this is a work in progress, being updated continually!)

One of the recommendations the faculty work group on scholarship made was that the college should encourage pursuit of more grant-funded programs, such as The Nature and Function of Greek Mythology (1989), to foster faculty scholarship. We’re pleased to report that the National Endowment for the Humanities has fully funded one such proposal for 2002, titled Aristotle and a World of Wonder, which will enable 12 PGCC faculty members to study in a seminar-type setting with seven nationally recognized scholars of Aristotelian thought. For more information on this exciting project, as well as to obtain an application to participate, go to NB: The deadline for applications is 
October 22, 2001.

As part of SAC, as of this fall, I am now also the chair of the internal grant committee, which oversees the Pathfinder grant program. This program seeks to stimulate individual PGCC faculty members' intellectual and professional development by funding proposals for activities and/or resources. Grants for up to $500 are available on a competitive basis. The deadline for applications to be considered in the fall 2001 "round" of Pathfinder Grants is close of business, Friday, October 5, 2001. Applications and further information can be obtained by going to

For more information on SAC or any of the activities mentioned above, please feel free to contact me at, or at extension 0429.

Round One (Summer) 2001 Pathfinder Grant Recipients

Diane L. Finley (Psychology), attendance at the Applied Sport Psychology Conference (Orlando, FL)

June Fordham (CIOS), attendance at the Shelly and Cashman Summer Institute (Purdue University)

Robin Hailstorks (Psychology), American Psychological Association Convention activities (San Francisco, CA)

James Christopher Hunt (Physical Sciences), presentation of "Dennis W. Sciama and the Steady State Cosmology" at the Fifth Biennial History of Astronomy Workshop (University of Notre Dame) and Archival Research at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

Anne King (English), presentation of "Film to Literature" at the International Popular Culture Conference (Downing College, Cambridge University)

George Perkins (Mathematics), presentation of "Zipf's Law and Artistic Creation: Linguistic Patterns in Literary Texts" at the International Popular Culture Conference (Downing College, Cambridge University)

Wendy Perkins (English) presentation of "The Perfect Moment in Woolf, Hemingway, and American Beauty" at the International Popular Culture Conference (Downing College, Cambridge University)

Linda Smith (Allied Health), attendance at American Association for Respiratory Care Summer Institute (Naples, FL)


The Instructional Area Newsletter, Volume 17, No. 1

Fall 2001