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by Mary Stevenson, Coordinator of Writing Across the Curriculum

Since 1991, Anne King has served as the coordinator of Writing Across the Curriculum program (WAC). Her contributions have been many and invaluable. One initiative has been the Brown Bag Lunch. Recently, for example, she lead a session, "How Can You Deal with Plagiarism by Your Students," a topic of national dimension. The group looked at the college’s policy, discussed such proposed programs as Turnitin and Questia, and made suggestions for further exploration. With Abby Bardi of the Writing Center, Anne again planned the Writing Contest for students. In the spring, she sponsored a wonderful Celebration of Faculty Authors. And throughout these ten years, she headed up the Writers’ Group, a group of faculty and staff who meet regularly to discuss their own drafts and share questions and comments. Anne also helped plan the Faculty Retreat in May.

Over the years, the topics for workshops and discussion groups have addressed many, many issues: assignment design, research papers, writing to learn, a forum for creative writing, the underprepared student, sequencing of assignments, the ESL writer in our classrooms, even a workshop for faculty assembling portfolios for promotion and/or tenure. Anne brought in experts to lead these workshops, and she drew on in-house talent as well. Anne also met with faculty members individually, helping them incorporate writing into their class assignments and examinations. Anne has expanded the WAC in many ways over the last decade, building on the strong foundation created by Joyce Magnotto Neff, the first coordinator who served from 1981 to 1991. In fact, WAC was the first of a number of programs designed to support the work of the faculty: CAC, RAC, and the newest, SAC.

Cooperation has been the key to many WAC activities. For example, the late Righton Robertson, dean of Social Science, Health, and Physical Education, was an ardent believer in the importance of writing to intellectual growth, and together, he and Anne worked with his faculty to build even more writing into their courses. Another initiative that the college might revisit was Paper Trail, a program that coordinated the services of the WAC, the Writing Center, and library staff to do workshops, at faculty members’ request, within classrooms for particular class assignments.

Whether Anne was toasting a colleague’s newest book or planning the next speaker’s talk or discussing an interesting idea over a sandwich in the cafeteria, she has been a wonderful force on our campus. She brings her knowledge, her insights, and her generously given energy to each and every event, each and every discussion. Thank you, Anne. You are moving on to different initiatives, but: we count on you to continue to participate and enliven WAC events for years to come.

Up Coming WAC Activities

Writers’ Group: meetings:

  • Dates October 10, October 24, November 14, December 5
  • Time Wednesdays 2 - 3:30
  • Place Accokeek 219
  • Information Mary Stevenson, WAC, X0573,
  • Writing in My Course: tips and ideas from fellow faculty members.


    The Instructional Area Newsletter, Volume 17, No. 1

    Fall 2001