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by Marlene Cohen, Coordinator, Communication Across the Curriculum 

Student Open Discussions
Following two very successful sessions in fall 2001, we will continue to hold open lunchtime discussion groups for all interested students, faculty and staff. Students are asked to respond to the following:

I wish others understood that . . .

A stereotype that bothers me is . . .

These questions lead to sharing of personal perspectives on religion, politics, race and ethnicity. And students ask each other questions. We have learned about Islam's teachings, the ways people act in the name of their religion or country when other may strongly disagree, and how it feels to have others classify you by your appearance.

The discussions are co-sponsored by International Student Center Activities, Muslim Student Organization, Kaleidoscope Club, and ALANA.

For further information, please contact Marlene Cohen, 301-322-0177,


The Instructional Newsletter, Volume 17, No. 2

Fall 2001