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Student Art/Writing Contest

by Mary Stevenson, Coordinator of Writing Across the Curriculum

Spring semester, the AIDS Task Force of Prince George’s Community College will be sponsoring a contest for students in the county middle schools and high schools.  At the college, our students will have their own contest, creating posters or writing stories, poems, or essays on the topic Truth Or Consequences: AIDS.  Winners will receive cash prizes, and their work will be used throughout the county to publicize the seriousness of the AIDS epidemic, especially for those under twenty-five.  Faculty members might consider including an assignment on the topic of AIDS in their spring syllabi.  Kathi Linville, 301-341-3034, in the Nursing Department, chair of the Task Force, can provide bibliographies and additional information.  The funds for the contest come from the Association of American Colleges and Universities.


The Instructional Area Newsletter, Volume 17, No. 2

Fall 2001