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by Vera Zdravkovich
(Vice President for Instruction)

This noteworthy year in the life of the college initiates many new programs and activities, most notably the new Collegian Centers, Middle States Self-Study, review of general education, and the Faculty Professional Development Institute and Academies. I’m taking this opportunity to highlight some of the changes, activities, and opportunities that are taking place.

Two changes of note:

The New Academic Assistant for Instructional Operations
I’m pleased to remind you that June Fordham, formerly of CIS, has joined the office. June replaces Charles Hansborough, who has returned to his first love, teaching mathematics. Charles worked with me in the Instruction Office for six years, and will continue to handle the Instruction budget. June ably has assumed Charles’ other Instructional area administrative duties, including supervising the evaluation process. Thank you, Charles. Welcome, June.

The new Instructional Forum Editor
Robert Goldberg, associate professor in English, has succeeded Marilynn Thomas as the Instructional Forum (IF) editor. He will be depending on faculty to continue providing the articles that make the IF a "must read" for everyone in the Instructional area. He also will be depending on the computer skills of Sue Gillett, who prepares the IF for publication. Thank you, Marilynn, for your work as editor of IF. Welcome, Robert.

The Instructional Forum is one of the most important and oldest continuing college publications. It is the only publication written for and by faculty. So that both adjuncts and full-time faculty can access the IF easily, beginning this semester, the IF will be available online and as hard copy.

Of all the activities and opportunities underway this year, here are some of the most important.

Middle States Self-Study
Beginning last year, more than 180 faculty, staff, administrators, and students have been involved with gathering information for a comprehensive self-study report. The Middle States Commission on Higher Education requires the self-study every ten years for reaccreditation. The comments and information shared with me reinforce this process as a highly valuable introspection of who and what we are as an institution. It is an opportunity for all of us to look at ourselves critically and objectively. Your response and assistance to the committee members are essential and greatly appreciated.

Under the able leadership of Dr. Robin Hailstorks and Dr. Verna Teasdale, the fourteen Task Forces have completed interim reports that are being evaluated by the Steering Committee. The Task Forces’ final reports are due in February 2004. Their recommendations will be the foundation on which the college’s next five-year strategic plan will be crafted.

College Catalog
Work on the next college catalog has begun. The Curriculum Committee, chaired by Barbara Sanders and Betty Habershon, must approve all new programs and courses before they can be included in the new catalog.

Doctoral Programs
I'm very pleased to share with you the good news that our college will be the first site for the new Morgan State University doctoral program in Instructional Leadership.  During Professional Development Day, Dr. Christine McPhail, from Morgan State, presented a workshop about the program.  A few days later, another opportunity to earn a doctorate was presented by Dr. Terry O'Banion, representing Walden University.

Collegian Center
The six new Collegian Centers will provide intellectual, academic, and scholarly involvement for faculty and students. The centers will be formally launched spring semester 2004. See the article, "Collegian Centers ‘Under Construction.’"

In summary, the changes, activities, and opportunities taking place this semester effectively demonstrate the intellectual vibrancy that exemplify the vision and the character of Prince George’s Community College. Thank you to each of you who makes it happen.


The Instructional Area Newsletter, Volume 19, No. 1

Fall 2003