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by Verna Teasdale
(Academic Assistant to the Vice President for Instruction)

Each of the six new Collegian Centers is envisioned as a disciplinary/interdisciplinary environment that strengthens studentsí commitment to scholarship and academe, and provides them with a sense of belonging. The Centers will address studentsí needs for more personalized assistance in their disciplines and provide opportunities for internships, research, and other intellectual activities. This semester, the Collegian Coordinators are developing the Centers, enlisting the support of other faculty as mentors, developing a Web site, and planning a spring reception to launch the Centers.

Each of you has an opportunity to be part of the development of the Collegian Centers and contribute to their success. For more information about the Collegian Centers and how you can participate, talk with one of the Collegian Coordinators, or call Verna Teasdale (0767). The Collegian Centers promise to be an exciting and rewarding experience for students and faculty.

The six Collegian Centers and their Coordinators are:

  • Administration of Justice Collegian Center
    Discipline areas: Criminal Justice, Forensic Science, and Paralegal Studies
    Coordinator: Linda Stabile
  • The Bernard Center
    Discipline areas: Business Management and Accounting
    Coordinator: Mary Falkey
  • The Psychology Collegian Center
    Discipline: Psychology
    Coordinator: Dawn Lewis
  • Humanities Collegian Center
    Discipline areas: Language Studies, Philosophy, English, Speech and Theater, Art and Music
    Coordinators: Michele Hardy and Michon Parker
  • STEM Center
    Discipline areas: Science, Technology, Engineering, and math
    Coordinator: Christine Barrow

The Instructional Area Newsletter, Volume 19, No. 1

Fall 2003