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by Melinda Frederick
(Coordinator of the Honors Program and Honors Academy)

Honors Program Enrollment Continues to Grow
As of November 1, 2003, over 750 students are members in good standing in the Honors Program. Approximately 300 students are currently enrolled in 21 honors sections, and another 22 students are pursuing honors contracts. Increased enrollment in the Honors Program has improved both the average class size and the percentage of honors courses offered which met minimum enrollment. In addition, the Honors Program offered two new courses this semester, an Honors Colloquium titled "The History of Scientific Revolutions," and FOS 101H, our first honors course in the field of Forensic Studies. Each semester, the Honors Program will continue to expand its choice of offerings, especially in departments not previously represented in Honors.

Improving Retention While Maintaining Rigor
Last spring, the Honors Advisory Council approved new eligibility requirements for admission into the Honors Program. Students applying to the Honors Program must be completing their developmental math requirement at the time that they are admitted into the Honors Program. In addition, honors students are now required to take a minimum of two honors courses once admitted, while maintaining a 3.0 cumulative grade point average or better. English proficiency requirements for honors remain the same. Students who fail to test into Honors classes may still apply if they have completed English 101 with a grade of A, or with a writing sample approved by Honors English faculty.

Recognizing Student Success
Many members of both the Honors Program and Honors Academy received recognition and scholarships this past spring and summer 2003.

Honors Program scholarship recipients included

Katia Abouasalli (BioChemistry), University of Maryland Baltimore County, Transfer Merit scholarship. She was also a PTK "All USA All-Academic Team" finalist.

Muhamed Jasarevic (BioChemistry), University of Maryland, College Park Transfer Academic Excellence Scholarship.

Nicole Jackson-Cooley (General Studies) was awarded scholarships, grants, and aid covering approximately 60 percent of her total costs to attend St. Mary’s College of Maryland.

Stacey Hope (General Studies), who was awarded a partial scholarship to St. Mary’s College of Maryland last year, and conducted Archeology research in Cairo, Egypt, last summer.

Roberta Nogueira, summer 2003 graduate with an Honors Citation, transferred to the University of Central Florida, which awarded her $4,500 in grants, scholarships, and aid.

Honors Academy Alumni Highlights:

The first class of 2001 Academy graduates completed their Bachelor of Arts degrees from Washington College and American University, respectively.

Joshua Miller (Psychology) received his Bachelor of Arts degree from Washington College, 2003. Miller has enrolled in a Master of Science program at Johns Hopkins University, in Marketing.

Lewis Matthews (Economics) received his Bachelor of Arts degree from Washington College, 2003. Matthews joined the Navy Seals, and has been posted in San Diego, California.

Rodah Kirera (Business Administration), who was featured in a May Washington Post article on the Honors Academy, graduated sum cum laude from American University in May 2003.

Other Academy Alumni successes:

Graciela Rodriguez (Nursing) and Jessica Wiley (Foreign Languages), who transferred on full academic scholarships to Howard University, completed their junior years at Howard University with perfect 4.0 GPAs. Rodriguez participated in an internship at Yale University last summer.

Ron Crouch, 2002 Academy graduate, who transferred to George Washington University on a Jack Kent Cooke scholarship last Fall 2002, was awarded the prestigious Truman scholarship, which will provide $30,000 per year for graduate school.

2003 Honors Academy graduates:

Patricia Clark (pre-law) and Ravindra Gopaul (pre-medicine) graduated with High Honors from Prince George’s Community College. Clark and Gopaul were both awarded full academic scholarships to Howard University.

Miriam Khan (BioChemistry) and Stephanie Meier (Psychology) transferred to the University of Maryland Baltimore County. Both Khan and Meier were admitted to the Honors College at UMBC. Khan was selected for the prestigious "Mark U Star" program, which provides full academic tuition, room and board, and a research internship and stipend for students. Meier was awarded over $9,000 in grants and aid from UMBC.

Jackie Abadir (General Studies) transferred to George Washington University this fall, where she was awarded a $17,000 scholarship.

Honors Academy 2003-2004 Members
Applications for consideration to the Honors Academy for the 2003-2004 academic year increased by over 250 percent last June. Despite budget cutbacks faced by the college, funding to the Academy was not reduced. Nevertheless, many students who were academically qualified were not admitted because of limited funding.

Returning members to the Honors Academy are:
Lacy Davison (Psychology)
Geoffrey Greene (International Relations
Kristi Schools (Communications)
Kelly WalKer (English)

New members to the Honors Academy are:
Michele Burton (pre-Law)
Emily Crowley (Forensics)
Lauren Gibson (International Business)
Sheba Gopaul (pre-Law)
Sarah Jones (Biology/pre-med)
Taraesa Toney (Sociology)
Enechukwu Nwandno (Nursing)
Jennifer Westfall (Forensics)
Erin Whiting (Journalism) - not shown

(front row-left to right) Sheba Gopaul, Emily Crowley, 
Taraesa Toney, Lacy Davison, Michele Burton, 
Jennifer Westfall, Kelly Walker 
(back row-left to right) Sarah Jones, Kristi Schools, 
Geoffrey Greene, Enechukwu Nwankwo, Lauren Gibson

Honors Co-curricular Activities for the Fall 2003 semester

Honors Society

The Honors Society is open to all students who are members of the Honors Program. Events for this semester have included: an Honors Transfer Open House; campus visits to Washington College, American University, and Goucher College; co-sponsorship of the visiting British student debate team with the International Center and Model United Nations club; a fundraiser; a campuswide Blood Drive co-sponsored with the Prince George’s County chapter of the Red Cross; and a canned food collection for the holidays. Meetings are held every Friday at 1:30 p.m. in Marlboro 1058.

Phi Theta Kappa

Phi Theta Kappa is the International Honor Society of the Two-Year College; it promotes scholarship, leadership, and community. The Tau Pi Chapter of Prince George's Community College is an active campus entity. This semester, Tau Pi's activities include Nota Bene (a writing contest), the All-USA Academic Team, an annual December induction, a five-part campus satellite seminar series, a spring Greek festival, and a new mentoring program that helps the general student population with academic skills. Jeffrey Snodgrass, English, was newly elected as the faculty co-advisor, and Lynford Warner continues his term as student president. Last year, PTK as an organization awarded 35 million dollars in transfer scholarships nationally. Qualified students are strongly encouraged to become members of our campus chapter. Meetings are held every Friday in the Honors Student Lounge, Marlboro 1088, at 1 p.m.


The Instructional Area Newsletter, Volume 19, No. 1

Fall 2003