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                                    RESPONSIBLE TO:  Dean of the Division


FUNCTION:              The department chair is a member of the departmental faculty charged with additional managerial and leadership responsibilities. The chair oversees, the operations of the department, providing educational leadership to the faculty, academic information and advice to students, and administrative support to the dean. The chair serves as leader and spokesperson for the department, assuming responsibility for ensuring instructional quality within that unit.





The duties and responsibilities of the department chair are organized into principal areas of Academic Leadership, Supervision, Management and Budget, and Student Advisement.


                                    Academic Leadership


ENSURES the maintenance of appropriate instructional standards within the department.


INITIATES the review and revision of existing courses, as well as the development of new programs, courses, and instructional delivery systems.


ASSISTS the dean in the divisional planning process to formulate annual objectives, provides evidence of achievement, and plans curriculum/course offerings.


PROMOTES faculty and staff development within the department.


DEVELOPS and IMPLEMENTS appropriate in-service activities and event s for departmental faculty and staff.


PROMOTES dissemination within the department of new developments in relevant disciplines, program areas, and pedagogy.


MAINTAINS effective internal communications within the department, while representing the department effectively in divisional, area, and collegewide meetings and activities.


PROMOTES strategies and activities to build and maintain departmental faculty and staff morale.


MAINTAINS liaison with counseling staff and other college staff to help ensure that students receive accurate information about the department’s programs and requirements.


ADVISES Admissions and Records Office on acceptability of transfer credits from other institutions and advanced standing.


INITIATES or MAINTAINS appropriate program advisory committees with the concurrence of the dean, recommending members as needed and working with such committees to improve curricular offerings.


ASSISTS the dean in establishing and maintaining appropriate articulation agreements and affiliations with external organizations.


ASSISTS the dean in marketing, student recruitment, student retention, and resource development efforts.


COLLABORATES with the Continuing Education and Evening Programs area staff in the scheduling, staffing, and delivery of off-campus and combined credit/noncredit courses.


COORDINATES course scheduling with appropriate college personnel to broaden and diversify curriculum through honors, weekend, telecredit, and other nontraditional delivery modes.




PERFORMS the duties of immediate line supervisor (ILS) as specified in the current edition of the Faculty Evaluation Plan and in the college’s Personnel Actions Procedures.


DEVELOPS schedules of courses and teaching assignments and makes other instructional programming decisions, subject to the review and approval of the dean.


CANCELS under-enrolled sections and makes other scheduling/staffing decisions subject to the concurrence of the dean.


INITIATES recruitment and review/screening of all full-time and adjunct instructional faculty and staff, recommending to the dean candidates for appointment.


PROVIDES RECOMMENDATIONS to the dean on full-time faculty reappointments.


COORDINATES activities of departmental faculty.


SUPERVISES authorized departmental coordinators.


ORIENTS, SUPERVISES, and EVALUATES adjunct faculty, initiating termination action when necessary.


APPROVES and OVERSEES REPORTING of faculty absences and the assignment of substitute instructors, subject to the concurrence of the dean.


ASSISTS the dean in managing the college Leave Banking Program within the division.


SUPPORTS college affirmative action goals through active concern for achieving staff diversity and crosscultural effectiveness.


                                    Management and Budget


RECOMMENDS for the dean’s approval the allocation of divisional released time assignments for departmental coordination and/or instructional development projects.


PREPARES and REVIEWS departmental information, schedules, programs/course descriptions, and requirements for the catalog and other college publications.


COORDINATES the development of the annual department budget requests to the dean; administers the department annual operating budget, establishing priorities for the allocation f fiscal resources.


INITIATES for the dean’s approval purchase requests and petty cash vouchers for departmental instructional supplies and other allowable expenditures within the guidelines set by the dean.


ASSISTS the support staff in coordinating the inventory, maintenance, and repair of instructional equipment assigned to the department.


OVERSEES the effective utilization of special purpose facilities assigned to the department (e.g., art gallery, language labs, music practice rooms, etc.).


MONITORS deficiencies in physical facilities and equipment utilized by the department to help ensure an adequate learning environment.


APPROVES the selection of and COORDINATES ordering of textbooks and other instructional materials.


MAINTAINS current and accurate Course Master Syllabi for all department course offerings.


ALLOCATES conference and local travel funds within the department in consultation with faculty, subject to the dean’s concurrence.


                                    Student Advisement


ADVISES students concerning programs of study, admission, transfer, degree requirements, and courses offered by the department.


APPROVES course section overrides, course repeats, prerequisite exemptions, course substitutions, grade changes, and other student requests, within guidelines set by the dean.


REVIEWS and RESOLVES student academic complaints, subject to the dean’s review; forwards to the dean for adjudication student complaints not resolved at the departmental level or complaints involving the department chairperson.


ASSISTS the dean in developing transfer articulation and other such relationships with schools and colleges.


ENSURES the accuracy of information provided to students through ongoing liaison with other student support units of the college and through ongoing review of college publications.




See §9-205 of the college CODE


A.                    Policy. It is the policy of the Board of Trustees to appoint department chairs upon the recommendation of the president to the board after he has received the recommendations of appropriate members of his administrative staff as to the efficient and effective organization of academic departments within the instructional divisions of the college and the faculty member within each authorized department best equipped to carry out the duties and responsibilities of this position.


B.                    Delegation to the President. The college president is authorized to make, promulgate, issue, rescind, and amend reasonable rules, regulations and procedures to carry out this policy.

C.                    Rule: Department Chairs Selection Procedures.


                        1.      Purpose. The purpose of this rule is to implement the college's policy on the Selection of Department Chairs.


                        2.      Term of Office. Each department chair shall be appointed by the board for a term of two consecutive academic years. A department chair so appointed shall hold office for the term of appointment unless he or she shall resign or become incapacitated, or has been removed from office as the result of a grievance or evaluation procedure. Any leave, voluntary or involuntary, which may be expected to be of longer duration than one semester shall be considered a resignation from office.


                        3.      Appointment of Acting Department Chairs. If a department chair's position becomes vacant, the president, upon recommendation of the appropriate vice president, shall appoint an acting department chair. If the appointment of the acting department chair occurs within the final semester of the department chair's current term of appointment, that individual serves the balance of the term. Otherwise, the acting department chair serves until a successor is appointed under the regular procedures for department chair selection described in (4.) below. The successor department chair shall thereupon take office for the balance of the original term of appointment.


                        4.      Selection Procedure.

                                 a.         Not later than March 1 of the year in which incumbents' terms of office expire, or at such time that the need becomes apparent, the deans of the instructional divisions shall solicit within the departments of their respective divisions applications for department chairs' positions. Any full-time faculty member serving on continuing appointment, at least one-half of whose most recently assigned academic year teaching load was within a given department, shall be eligible to apply. Incumbent chairs shall be eligible for reappointment without limit.

                                 b.         Applicants shall submit to the dean by March 15, a written expression of interest, which shall contain a summary of the applicant's qualifications for the position.

                                 c.         Except where the incumbent department chair applies for reappointment and is unopposed, two representatives, neither of whom is a candidate for department chair, shall be elected by the departmental faculty prior to March 31, to serve as a nominating committee. For good cause, the dean may seek representation from the divisional faculty at large.

                                 d.         If an incumbent department chair seeks reappointment without opposition, the dean shall conduct by March 31, a referendum, by secret ballot, of all full-time faculty members assigned to the department, to determine the level of support for the incumbent's reappointment. The dean shall appoint from within the divisional faculty two disinterested faculty members to assist in the referendum process and to tally the results. Taking due consideration of the results of the referendum, the dean, within five working days, in consultation with the departmental faculty, takes one of the following actions:

                                             (1)              Concurs in the reappointment of the incumbent department chair and forwards this recommendation to the vice president.

                                             (2)              Arranges for the election of two faculty representatives as specified in (c.) above and, in consultation with these representatives, nominates an eligible faculty member to the vice president for appointment as department chair.

                                             (3)              Declines to nominate any candidate for department chair. In this instance, the dean shall present written justification for the action to the department faculty and shall direct the department to reopen the application and review process.

                                 e.         In the instance of a contested selection process or a single applicant who is not the incumbent, the nominating committee shall interview all eligible applicants and may, at its option, convene a special department meeting to assist in the determination of a consensus. The nominating committee, by the third Tuesday in April, shall forward its recommendation to the dean, who within five working days, takes one of the following actions:

                                             (1)              Concurs in the committee's recommendation and recommends the appointment of the nominee to the vice president.

                                             (2)              Declines to concur in the committee's recommendation and recommends the appointment of another eligible candidate to the vice president.

                                             (3)              Declines to nominate any candidate for department chair. In this instance, the dean shall present written justification for the action to the department faculty and shall direct the department to reopen the application and review process.

                                 f.         If the dean elects to reopen the nomination process as permitted in (d) (3) and (e.) above, and the renomination process does not result in a recommendation acceptable to the dean, the vice president shall resolve the issue as set forth in (g.).

                                 g.         In the event that a department has no applicants for department chair, or that no applicant has received the nomination of the dean, or that the dean's nominee is not acceptable to the vice president, the vice president shall take one of the following actions:

(1)Designate an acting department chair.

                                             (2)              Merge the department with a suitable existing department within the same division.

                                             (3)              Advertise and recruit for the department chair position provided a full-time faculty position is authorized for this purpose by the president.

                                 h.         The vice president shall recommend department chairs for appointment to the president, who shall present his recommendation to the board for their action.


                        5.      Release Time Hours for Department Chairs

                                 a.         Department chair release time hours are based on the FTEs from the previous academic year.

                                 b.         The FTEs are computed by dividing the total number of ECHs assigned for full-time and adjunct faculty for the fall and spring semesters by 30.

                                 c.         The department chair release time hours are assigned as follows:

                                             (1)              Less than 6 FTEs = 3 credit hours per semester

                                             (2)              6 - 17.9 FTEs = 6 credit hours per semester

                                             (3)              18 or more FTEs - 9 credit hours per semester

                                 d.         Exceptions to this rule must be approved by the vice president for Instruction.




A.                    Purpose. The purpose of this administrative procedure is to set forth the conditions under which summer compensation may be provided for department chairs.


B.                    Definitions. As used in this procedure, the following definitions shall apply:


                        1.      Department Chair means the ten month faculty member responsible for an academic department.


                        2.      Summer Service Contracts means coordinating specific departmental activities, such as summer course/workshop and full-time and adjunct faculty recruitment/screening required during the summer period, which cannot be accommodated during the week prior to the beginning of the faculty contract year.


                        3.      Week Preceding Beginning of the Faculty Contract Year means the week preceding the commencement of the ten month faculty contracts.


C.                    Procedure.


1.Week Preceding Beginning of the Faculty Contract Year.

                                 a.         Department chairs shall be authorized to work during the week preceding the beginning of the faculty contract year. The total time worked shall not exceed 30 hours.

                                 b.         Compensation will be at the prevailing maximum adjunct faculty hourly rate, but not including longevity steps for each hour worked during this period.

                                 c.         This assignment is voluntary for department chairs, and those wishing not to work during this period will not be required to do so.

                                 d.         Supervision shall be provided by the vice president, his /her staff, and the instructional divisions' deans.

                                 e.         This period may be used by the vice president to schedule meetings, workshops, and other activities involving the department chairs and instructional administrators.

                                 f.         The vice president may determine, in certain cases, that such service is not necessary.


2.Summer Service Contracts.

                                 a.         Deans may initiate requests to the vice president for summer service contracts for department chairs.

                                 b.         Compensation will be provided at the prevailing maximum adjunct faculty rate.


                                 c.         Ordinarily, up to 90 hours of service can be authorized by the vice president, who shall be responsible for authorizing the number of hours to be worked, and who, along with the dean, shall be responsible for the specific work schedule to be followed, and the duties to be completed under the agreement.


D.                    Summer Session Guidelines


                        1.      Two five-week summer sessions are offered during each summer term. Classes are held from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily. Exact dates and course offerings are available in early spring. Summer session teaching assignments are recommended by the department chair and approved by the dean.


                        2.      Full-time faculty may teach up to a maximum of two courses or eight ECH, whichever is less, per summer session.


                        3.      Full-time faculty teaching on an overload basis outside of their regular 10-month contract year (summer session) are paid in accordance with the Adjunct Faculty Salary Schedule. Such faculty will be entitled to longevity increments in accordance with the Adjunct Faculty Salary Schedule. Longevity increments will be based on accumulated ECH of full-time and overload teaching at Prince George's Community College.


                        4.      The first pay check for Summer I and the last pay check for academic year for full-time faculty normally are combined.


                        5.      Absences from summer session teaching assignments are treated in the same manner as absences from adjunct/overload teaching assignments.


                        6.      Room changes or changes in scheduled class times are not permitted except as approved by the dean.


                        7.      Regular academic year regulations are fully applicable to summer session terms; for exceptions, consult the appropriate dean.