The Faculty Evaluation Plan recognizes the various roles that faculty members assume in providing service to the college.  Over the course of their professional careers at Prince George's Community College, many faculty members are assigned or take on a number of different responsibilities in addition to their primary job functions.  In addition to serving as classroom teachers, counselors, or librarians, faculty members may also serve as department chairpersons, coordinators, directors, academic assistants, researchers, and instructional developers. For the purpose of evaluation, faculty members are classified as serving in one or more of the following roles:


Teaching Faculty






Faculty members whose responsibilities include more than a single primary function are evaluated separately and distinctly in terms of their various assignments.  For example, a faculty member serving as a department chairperson will be evaluated as a chairperson and, in a separate evaluation, as a member of the teaching faculty. 


In general, a job function will be assessed if that function is being carried out during the semester in which the evaluation process begins (normally the fall semester) and if that function comprises at least one-third of the faculty member's overall workload assignment.


Each of the five major faculty roles (teaching faculty, counselors, librarians, chairpersons, and coordinators) is defined in terms of Major Functional Responsibilities on Form A-1.  Evaluation includes an assessment of major functional responsibilities (MFR) on the appropriate version of Form A-2.  Supporting documentation includes evaluatee commentary (Form A-1), classroom or other appropriate job function observations (Form B), and assessments by appropriate recipients of service (Form C).  An evaluation summary and performance rating are discussed in an evaluation conference and recorded (Forms D-1 and D-2).  All faculty evaluation folders are reviewed by the appropriate vice president and forwarded to the college's Central File.



*Coordinators include faculty members serving in roles such as coordinator, director, academic assistant, researcher, and instructional developer.