A.        Elections 

During the first division meeting of the academic year that occurs after the deadline for submission of promotion and tenure applications, the following elections must be held: 

1.         Election of Division Promotion and Tenure Committees. 

2.         Election in divisions of new representatives to Collegewide Promotion (Tenure) Committee to replace any representatives whose terms have expired. 

3.         Election by Faculty Senate of alternates to Collegewide Promotion (Tenure) Committee. 

4.         Election by Faculty Senate of Promotion Appeals Committee. 

B.        Eligibility Applications 

By the third Friday in September, faculty members applying for promotion or tenure must submit Form P: Eligibility for Promotion and/or Form T: Eligibility for Tenure to their dean. 

By the first Friday in October, deans determine and approve eligibility for promotion and/or tenure and notify applicants of decisions.  A faculty member may appeal a dean's negative decision to the appropriate vice president within five working days of receiving the dean's written decision.  

Within five working days of initial approval by the dean, the appropriate vice president must concur in promotion and tenure eligibility or remand Form P and/or Form T to the dean for justification of approval.     

C.        General Timetable for Promotion and Tenure 

If the faculty member elects to use any part of the Faculty Evaluation Plan to support an application for promotion or tenure, the faculty member must follow the Faculty Evaluation Plan timetable as issued by the coordinator of the Plan. 

D.        Portfolio  

By the second Friday in February, the applicant must prepare and submit a portfolio to the ILS for verification.  The ILS must include a written recommendation for or against or indicate no recommendation with regards to  promotion/tenure in the faculty member's folder that also must be forwarded to the faculty member.