faculty member is accurate, and forwards the application to the appropriate vice president for review and final approval of eligibility. 

Faculty members who were not evaluated during the two years prior to the year in which they apply for tenure must be evaluated in accordance with the Faculty Evaluation Plan.  Faculty members who are not scheduled for evaluation during the year in which they apply for tenure, but who have been evaluated within the two years prior to applying for tenure, may elect to initiate any portion of the faculty evaluation process to secure additional supporting material for tenure.  This process must follow the procedures set forth in the Faculty Evaluation Plan.  A tenure candidate who is not required to undergo a full evaluation may use any or all mandatory portions of the following evaluation components: 

!           Major Functional Responsibilities Commentary (Form A-1). 

!           Class or performance observations by the immediate line supervisor (ILS), dean, and, if applicable, the program coordinator (Form B).  Faculty members may solicit letters of support from peers or use the optional peer evaluation procedure specified in the Faculty Evaluation Plan. 

!           Evaluations from recipients of service (Form C). 

!           Conference Evaluation Summary (Form D-1). 

!           Performance Rating (Form D-2). 

D.        Tenure Portfolio and Procedures (See Promotion Portfolio