E.         Review of Promotion (Tenure) Folder and Portfolio  

After each portfolio is verified, the ILS  must write a memorandum for inclusion in the corresponding promotion (tenure) folder.  This memorandum must either certify that the portfolio is complete and accurate, or it must describe any discrepancies that the applicant has declined to correct.  Each memorandum must also include one of the following three statements:  

!           I recommend FOR the promotion (tenure) of this faculty member, or  

!           I recommend AGAINST the promotion (tenure) of this faculty member, or      

!           I do not have a recommendation regarding the promotion (tenure) of this faculty member.  

The ILS may include additional information and rationale to explain or clarify this statement.  The ILS must forward a copy of this memorandum to the applicant.  The ILS then delivers the portfolio to the Deanís office where it is held for review by the Division Promotion Committee.  The Dean does not review these materials, however, until after the Division Promotion (Tenure) Committee has completed its own recommendations.  

The promotion portfolio and promotion folder are the primary sources of information for review by all decision makers in the process.   At the conclusion of each step in the deliberation process, the committee or subsequent supervisors must make a recommendation for or against promotion (tenure), with justification in either case, using Form R, Promotion and Tenure Recommendations.