Criterion 3 for promotion from Associate Professor to Full Professor:

Demonstrate at least five exemplary contributions to high quality education since the last promotion (or being hired if this is the first promotion), in any combination of three or more of the following four areas.  At least one significant contribution must be in the area of Professional Emphasis.  A contribution that continues for more than one academic year may be counted as one contribution for each year. 

(1)        Professional Emphasis: (Required for all applicants) 

1.      In Instructional Methods for teaching faculty, by activities such as presenting or organizing workshops for incorporating new instructional methods in the classroom or similar activities; or 

2.      In Counseling, Advising, and Articulation for faculty counselors, by activities such as developing, evaluating, and documenting new services or similar activities, presenting or organizing workshops to support implementation of newly developed services or similar activities; or 

3.      In General, Reference, and Information Technology Skills for faculty librarians, by such activities as presenting or organizing workshops on a new service or resource. 

(2)        Departmental Participation: (Optional) 

By assuming a leadership role in activities such as coordinating the writing of master syllabi, textbook selection, curriculum review and change, or similar activities; 

(3)       College/Community Service: (Optional) 

By activities such as serving on a college-wide task force, running a college-wide project, administering a grant, chairing or serving in a key role on a committee, coordinating a college/community event, or similar college-related service; 

(4)       Professional Development: (Optional) 

By activities such as scholarly or artistic work published internally or externally or presented publicly or professionally, graduate studies, leadership in a professional organization in one’s field of expertise on the state or national level (e.g. officer, committee member, conference session convener, etc.), or similar activities.