B.     Criteria for Promotion

In order to receive a promotion, the applicant must fully satisfy the following three criteria in the judgment of the Division Promotion Committee and subsequent reviewers:

Criterion 1:       Demonstrate consistent “effectiveness” in performing major functional responsibilities.  The term “effectiveness” does not refer to any specific Dean’s Performance Rating received by the applicant.  Rather, effectiveness or the lack thereof is a collective judgement that the committee should strive to reach by consensus. 

Criterion 2:       Prepare an organized,  well-written, and documented portfolio, in accordance to the guidelines for promotion portfolios,  providing clear evidence that the applicant meets the minimum criteria for the rank sought. These minimum criteria, described in Criterion 3, are different for each level of promotion.

Criterion 3 for promotion from Instructor to Assistant Professor:

Demonstrate a personal contribution and commitment to high quality education in each of the following areas:

                        (1)        Professional Emphasis:

1.                  In Instructional Methods for teaching faculty, by exploring and evaluating at least one new strategy each year; or                        

2.                  In Counseling, Advising, and Articulation for faculty counselors,  by exploring, evaluating, and documenting of at least one new service or activity each year; or  

3.                  In General, Reference, and Information Technology Skills for faculty librarians, by evaluating and introducing one new service or resource each year.  

(2)        Departmental/Divisional Participation

By attendance and participation in department and division       activities; 

(3)       College/Community Service

By attending college-wide activities, mentoring students, assisting in registration, or similar college-related service; and