When faculty members are eligible and apply for promotion or tenure, all aspects of their professional life--performance of major functional responsibilities, professional development, and college/community service--will be assessed.  The promotion and tenure application process operates on these assumptions: 

1.         Faculty members are accountable for their job performance and responsible for complying with the promotion and tenure application procedures specified in this document. 

2.         All aspects of faculty job performance should be addressed in an application and portfolio.  The applicant may use a number of evaluators who are in positions to judge the faculty member's job performance from different points of view: recipients of service, colleagues, department chairpersons, program directors, deans, and vice presidents. 

3.         It is the responsibility of faculty members seeking promotion or tenure to present the best possible case for persuading peers and supervisors of their worthiness for promotion and/or tenure. 

4.         Faculty members are entitled to due process and fairness.  The promotion and tenure application process provides safeguards against violations of privacy, against anonymous or unsubstantiated allegations, against secret files, and against the insertion of information at late stages of the decision-making process.  All persons making recommendations see the same data in the same evaluation folder. 

5.         The promotion and tenure application process provides opportunities for written rebuttal at every step of the recommendation process.  All faculty members have the right to appeal decisions based on college guidelines for such appeals. 

6.         Faculty members are entitled to know in advance the general criteria and procedures used to assess their applications for promotion and tenure.  The promotion and tenure application procedures in this document spell these out in detail, and they are the same for all faculty serving in similar functions.   

7.         Persons and committees exercising judgment and making  promotion and tenure recommendations shall do so only after fair and impartial consideration of the performance and qualifications of the applicants, and of other factors related to the efficient administration of the college.