FORM P, APPLICATION FOR PROMOTION and Certification of Eligibility                 Page 1 of 2

DIRECTIONS:  This form must be initiated and the first page completed by the faculty member/applicant, and given to the
appropriate dean by no later than 5 p.m. on the third Friday in September.  The applicant should be sure that up-dated
transcripts and any other necessary documentation of education and experience are on file in the Personnel Office.  For 
course credits earned after you were hired, provide your dean with copies of the transcripts.  The form must be signed.



Today's Date___________Date of Employment at PGCC_________________________________________

Present Rank________________________Date Present Rank Began_______________________________

Rank for Which you are Applying__________________________________________________________
(A faculty member may not be promoted more than one rank at any one time.)

A faculty member must complete all educational and pertinent professional experience requirements before submitting an 
application for promotion, but the faculty experience and time-in-rank requirements may be completed during the academic
year in which the application is submitted.
For minimum requirements in terms of education and professional/faculty 
experience, see the current Table A, "Requirements for Initial Rank Placement," found in the Faculty Handbook, or 
Promotion Handbook. Check with the Personnel Office to insure that you have the most recent issue of Table A.   

To assistant professor
: Two years as an instructor.  Application may be made during the second year as an instructor.  
To associate professor
Three years as assistant professor.  Application may be made during the third year as
assistant professor.  

To professor
: Five years as an associate professor.  Application may be made during the fifth year as 
associate professor.

Applicant's Education:

A.  Advanced degrees or certification:                                                     ______________

B.  Number of additional graduate credits beyond advanced degree: ______________

Applicant's Experience

A.  Number of years full-time teaching at PGCC, counting this year: ______________

B.  Number of years full-time college teaching not at PGCC:                ______________

C.  Number of years full-time secondary school teaching:                    ______________

D.  Number of years of pertinent professional experience:                   ______________


 E.  If you were on leave for any semesters since your initial employment date,  please list the dates and what kind 

of  leave:______________________________________________________________________________

F.  Number of years at present rank by end of this academic year:  

Faculty Member's Signature______________________________________Date:__________________