promotion (tenure) is not recommended by the committee will receive a written statement from the chair of the committee indicating the reasons for such action. 

a.         The letter to promotion applicants should include a notice of the right to appeal the decision to the Promotion Appeals Committee. (See Chapter VI, Rebuttals and Appeals, C, 3, Promotion Appeals Committee.) 

b.         The letter to tenure applicants should include a notice of the right to file a grievance. (See Chapter VI, Rebuttals and Appeals, C, 2.) 

B          Division Promotion and Tenure Committees 

1.         Composition of the Committees

The Division Promotion Committee will consist of five to seven faculty members from the division of the applicant.  Applicants for promotion and department ILS are not eligible to serve.  (If there are not enough available members in the division to fulfill this provision, the Plan Coordinator may modify the size of the committee or approve the appointment of faculty members from other divisions.)

The make up of the Division Tenure Committee will be identical to the Division Promotion Committee, except that all members must be tenured. 

Committee members are elected by the division (see section below titled Election Procedures) to discuss and make appropriate recommendations on all promotion or tenure applications that are submitted for that academic year by members of the division .  Each elected committee must include at least one representative from the department of each applicant.  (If no faculty member is available from an applicant’s department, then the Dean may approve election of a substitute representative from another department.) 

Each applicant may select any faculty member to participate as an advocate in the committee discussion of that applicant’s promotion or tenure package.  The committee may also invite the ILS for any applicant to participate in the committee discussion of that applicant’s promotion or tenure package.  The faculty advocate and ILS for an  applicant may not vote on committee decisions regarding that applicant.  (If the faculty advocate is also a committee member, (s)he may vote on all other committee decisions.) 

2.         Election Procedure

Election of all division members on the Division and Collegewide Promotion and Tenure Committees will be conducted as follows: 

a.         During the first division meeting of the academic year that occurs after the deadline for submission of promotion and tenure applications, the Dean will: