(3)       Concur with or reverse the negative decision of the Collegewide Promotion Committee or the vice president.  If the decision is reversed, the Promotion Appeals Committee sends a positive recommendation to the president.  If the committee concurs with a negative decision, the faculty member may appeal that decision to the president, provided that the appeal is based on procedural, rather than substantive, grounds and is transmitted in writing. 

4.         Appeal to the President of the Decision by the Promotion Appeals Committee 

a.         If the Promotion Appeals Committee concurs with the negative decision on substantive grounds, the faculty member may not further appeal the decision unless the faculty member believes that procedural error, personal bias, denial of due process, or infringement of academic freedom significantly contributed to any decisions.  Such appeal must be filed within twenty calendar days after the faculty member has been informed by the chair of the Promotion Appeals Committee of the decision.  The appeal to the president must be in writing, with all necessary documentation.  The appeal may include a request for a hearing stating the reasons why a hearing is desirable and necessary for the evaluation of the appeal. 

b.         The president, with such members of the administrative staff as he deems appropriate, shall review all appeals submitted in accordance with this section.  The president will consider all requests for hearings on such appeals and will grant hearings in those cases where the requests establish to his satisfaction that a hearing is desirable or necessary.  The president shall have the discretion to conduct such hearings in conjunction with other members of the college community or may refer the appeals to the Faculty Grievance Committee for hearings and a report.             

c.         Following the review, the president may deny an  appeal, or may take other actions deemed appropriate.  The president may recommend to the Board of Trustees that promotion be granted or denied.  Copies of the president's recommendations or other actions will be given to the appellant. 

d.         An appellant whose promotion is not recommended will receive a written statement from the president explaining why the application was not recommended. 

D.        Grievances 

Notwithstanding rebuttals or appeals, faculty members may seek redress to an alleged infraction of the CODE through the college's grievance procedures.