1.         Appeal of Recommendation by Collegewide Promotion Committee 

Each applicant whose promotion was not recommended by the Collegewide Promotion Committee may appeal that decision.  To do so, the appellant must file a written appeal with documentation to the Promotion Appeals Committee within twenty calendar days of the date of the written notification from the committee chairperson that the application has not been recommended.  In addition, the appellant may request a hearing by stating why such a hearing is desirable and necessary. 

2.         Appeal of Tenure Recommendations 

An applicant who is not recommended for tenure has no appeal at any level, but may seek relief under the college's general grievance rule if it appears that the tenure decision involved a "prohibited action" as defined in that rule.  The president may, but is not required to, postpone a tenure recommendation pending the outcome of any such grievance. 

3.         Promotion Appeals Committee 

a.         Composition. The Promotion Appeals Committee will be composed of five regular members and two alternates elected for a one-year term by the Faculty Senate at its first meeting of the academic year.  The seven members must be tenured, associate or full professors, and cannot be serving on the current Collegewide Promotion Committee.  The alternates must attend all meetings. 

b.         Disqualification.  A regular member or alternate must disqualify himself or herself from voting on any individual if the committee member believes that he or she shall be unable to render a fair decision, if the Promotion Appeals Committee considers his or her own application, or if the member was involved earlier in a case being heard. 

c.         Chair. At its first meeting the committee will elect a chair and a vice chair.  The vice chair will assume all the duties of the chair in the absence of or when directed to do so by the chair.  It is the duty of the chair of the Promotion Appeals Committee to notify the applicant and the chair of the Collegewide Promotion Committee as to the time and place of the meeting considering an appeal.

d.         The committee may take the following actions: 

(1)        Remand the case to the Collegewide Promotion Committee or the vice president. 

(2)       Call a joint conference with the Collegewide Promotion Committee or vice president.