It is recognized that the process of applying for promotion and tenure is a sensitive one and one which, because of its inherent judgmental quality, frequently leads to differing opinions.  The faculty member should have ample opportunities for review, rebuttal, appeal, and dispute resolution. 

A.        Review   

A faculty member or ILS may seek advice and assistance from the coordinator of the Faculty Promotion and Tenure Application Procedure regarding questions and concerns related to administration.  The coordinator can provide general information and advice, interpret procedural provisions, take action to ensure the fair administration of all procedures, and authorize appropriate exceptions to procedures.  Consultation with the coordinator should be the first step taken if a faculty member or ILS has questions related to the administration of the Faculty Promotion and Tenure Application Procedure.        

B.        Rebuttals 

A faculty member may prepare and submit written rebuttals to any assessment components of the promotion and tenure process.  All rebuttals must be sent to the Central File within five workdays of receiving an assessment or recommendation.  Copies of rebuttals should also be sent to individual evaluators or to the appropriate committee within five workdays after receiving the assessment or recommendation.   

When deadlines permit, evaluators and committees should send a copy of their written recommendation to each  promotion/tenure applicant at least five working days before sending such recommendations to the next level of evaluation. 

All rebuttals become part of the promotion and/or tenure application folder and are forwarded to those persons who will subsequently review the folder. 

            Evaluators or committees may respond to rebuttals in writing.  All such responses must be sent to the Central File with a copy to the evaluatee.  All responses to rebuttals become part of the promotion and/or tenure application folder. 

C.         Appeals 

Appeals do not automatically move forward in the procedure.  They must be initiated at each stage in the prescribed sequence by the appellant.  Applicants who are not recommended for promotion and/or tenure will have the oppor­tunity, prior to filing their appeals, to examine all papers and documents in the records upon which the recommendations against promotion or tenure were made.