The Faculty Evaluation Plan is a comprehensive evaluation system designed to assess all aspects of a faculty member's professional life--performance of major functional responsibilities, professional development, and college/community service.  The Plan's primary intent is to assess job performance by giving faculty members an opportunity to identify strengths and correct weaknesses.  It also provides useful data for the purposes of retention and dismissal as well as evidence that may be used to support an application for promotion and/or tenure. 

 The Faculty Evaluation Plan operates on these assumptions:

                        1.         Faculty members are accountable for their job performance and responsible for
                        complying with procedures specified in the Faculty Evaluation Plan.

                        2.         All aspects of job performance will be assessed using a number of evaluators who are in positions to judge a faculty member's job performance from different points of view.

                        3.         The evaluation conference provides a setting for informal discussion of faculty performance including strengths and weaknesses and, where appropriate, the identification of activities likely to improve job performance.

                        4.         While termination of employment can be based on evidence generated by the Faculty Evaluation Plan, such decisions may be prompted by a number of other considerations, such as fiscal exigency or the persistence of serious problems related to nonperformance of duties or unprofessional conduct.

                        5.         Faculty members are entitled to due process and fairness.  The Plan provides safeguards against violations of privacy, against anonymous or unsubstantiated allegations, against secret files, and against the insertion of information at late stages of the decision-making process.

                        6.         Faculty members are entitled to know in advance the criteria and procedures used to evaluate them.  The Plan also ensures that evaluation criteria and procedures are the same for all faculty serving in similar functions.  All persons making recommendations see the same data in the same evaluation folder.

                        7.         The Plan provides opportunities for written rebuttal at every step of the evaluation process.  All faculty members have the right to appeal the evaluation summary and performance rating to the appropriate vice president.  Notwithstanding an appeal, faculty members may file a formal grievance in accordance with college policies and procedures.           

                        8.         The Faculty Evaluation Plan is a living document subject to review and revision on a regular basis. The faculty organization and administration will share and discuss any recommended changes with one another before presenting those recommendations to the president for action by the Board of Trustees.

                        College policy requires that no one be discriminated against because of sex, age, race, color, religion, national origin, ancestry, marital status, sexual orientation, or status as a qualified individual with a disability, qualified disabled veteran, or Vietnam-era veteran.  The Faculty Evaluation Plan establishes a standard, performance-oriented evaluation system with job-related criteria, definitive procedures, adequate safeguards against arbitrary or capricious actions, and the right of appeal to ensure that all persons are treated fairly.