Full-Time Faculty

Teaching Faculty, Counselors, and Librarians
All full-time faculty members are scheduled for regular evaluations each year during their first five years of service, then every second year until their eleventh year of service, and every fourth year thereafter.  A recipients of service evaluation must be conducted every two years after the faculty member's fifth year of service. 
Department chairs are scheduled for evaluation during the second year of their two-year appointments.
Full-time faculty serving in managerial roles such as coordinator, director, academic assistant, researcher, and instructional developers are scheduled for evaluation every two years.
Optional Review for Promotion or Tenure Candidates 
Eligible faculty members applying for promotion or tenure may request a full or partial evaluation during the academic year of their candidacy.  The results of such evaluations may be included in a evaluatee's promotion or tenure application portfolio.
Special Evaluations
Full-time faculty may also be evaluated at the discretion of the dean as well as in the academic year immediately following a regular evaluation in which significant deficiencies in performance are observed and noted in the evaluation summary by the ILS and/or dean.  If a satisfactory performance evaluation rating is received for the special review, the regular pattern of scheduled periodic reviews resumes.  Otherwise, special evaluation reviews may continue on a year-to-year basis.
Special Class Observations or Student Evaluations
In certain instances, the dean or the vice president may direct the ILS to conduct a special class or job function observation and/or conduct a recipients of service evaluation.   Alternatively, deans and/or vice presidents may elect to make  class or job function observations/assessments themselves.  Special observations or recipients of service evaluations may be used in cases in which the dean or vice president is investigating persistent complaints, an alleged infraction of college rules or regulations, or a pending personnel action. 



Faculty Category

Every Year

Comprehensive evaluation for faculty during first five years of service

Every Two Years

Comprehensive evaluation for faculty after five years of service and through eleventh year of service
 Department chairs in the second year of each two-year term
Faculty serving in managerial roles such as coordinator, director, academic assistant, researcher, or instructional developer

Recipients of service evaluations after eleventh year of service

Every Four Years

Comprehensive evaluation for faculty after eleventh year of service

Any Year

Faculty eligible for promotion or tenure
Faculty requesting special evaluations

Faculty required to undergo special evaluation by dean or vice president


        Years of               Comprehensive              Only Recipients of Service
        Service                 Evaluations                    Evaluations
             1-5                             x                                                              
             7                                x                                                              
             9                                x                                                               
            11                               x                                                               
            13                                                                 x                              
            15                               x                                                               
            17                                                                 x                             
            19                               x                                                                
            21                                                                 x                              
            23                               x                                                                
            25                                                                 x                             
            27                               x                                                                
            29                                                                 x                              
            31                               x